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Fixing up around your house consists of a variety of cleaning services. Do you need some extra hands to reach the spots you can’t? Professionals have the proper equipment and tools to clean around your house. Lambs Window Cleaning offers several lawn care and outdoor cleaning services.

Lawn MowingWindows are some of the first things people will see when they come to visit the office. This is why it’s so important to hire a good residential window cleaning service. You don’t want smudges or scratches to make your home or company look slovenly. Windows which have not been professionally cleaned in 6 months or longer develop a heavy residue of dirt, grime, mineral deposits and sometimes hard water stains. With every first time window cleaning we do a full restoration on your windows.

Getting rid of weeds is time consuming, back-breaking, and can be expensive if you useLawn Maintenance herbicides. There is also is a lot more to lawn care than one might expect. For instance, most people think a longer lawn looks shaggy but the extra height shades out weeds, helps strengthen roots, and fights water loss.

Also, there are certain times in the day and seasons you want to engage in a particular maintenance aspect, such as it being better to water in the early morning so the sun won’t sap moisture before it has the chance to do its work. For example, we offer snow removal services so your yard’s beauty isn’t ruined.

Contact the professionals at Lambs Window Cleaning for any pressure washing or cleaning service. We are more than happy to serve our friends in Winnipeg, MB.


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